Scripture Based Qualifications

1. He is not to be a gossiper. (1 Timothy 3:8)

2. He should believe in and practice tithing. (1 Timothy 3:8-Malachi 3:10)

3. He must believe in salvation by grace through faith, based on Christ death for sinners. (1 Timothy 3:10)

4. He shall be tested and found without fault according to these qualifications. (1 Timothy 3:10)

5. His wife shall be reverent, not one who slanders, but shows restraint, and is faithful in all things. (1 Timothy 3:11)

6. He may be a single man or the husband of one wife. (1 Timothy 3:11-12)

7. He must rule his children and his house well. (1 Timothy 3:11-12)

Church Based Qualifications

1. He is to be elected by the Church.

2. He must have been a member of Immanuel Baptist Church for at least six months.

3. He must recognize and serve under the leadership of the office of pastor.

4. He shall do all in his power to promote harmony in the Church.

Active Deacon Body:

Deacon Chair - David Long

Vice Chair - Doug Duncan

Secretary - Scott Durkee

Deacon Body - Jason Albertson, Norval Alliston, Andy Anderson, Joel Baker, Brad Bennett, Jim Brown, Bernie Carbon, Glenn Clark, Marvin Clynch, Ron Emery, Dick Glenn, Clarence Gordon, Bruce Greb, Dale Hancock, W R Hardgrave, David Hodge, Don James, David New, David Park, Denny Pettigrew, Dale Rich, James Tyree, Aaron Yoder.