First Responders

Security Team

At Immanuel Baptist Church we are dedicated to the safety and security of our guests and members. We have a dedicated volunteer security team comprised of adult members of our congregation, under the leadership of a decorated police veteran. Ensuring that our guests and members, especially our children, are safe is their top priority. Not only do they help to keep us safe, often times they are a helping hand when needed and a smiling face greeting everyone as they enter to worship. Additionally we hire off duty police officers to supplement our security team. If you see a need or a security concern arises please feel free to contact one of our security team members or the uniformed officer on duty. They wear a black security vest with our church logo on the chest and usually carry a hand held radio. 
If you would like to volunteer on our security team please contact the church office. 

Medical Team 


No one knows when a medical need will arise, but at Immanuel Baptist Church we are prepared for these times. Our first responder team is led by skilled nurses who oversee a team of Adult volunteers who are either medical professionals themselves or are trained in basic first aid. Should a medical emergency arise they are prepared to respond and are equipped to handle most situations. We have a fully stocked first aid kit and a portable AED on hand at all times. Should you or someone you know have a medical emergency while at Immanuel Baptist Church please reach out to a member of the Medical Team or contact a member of our Security Team. 
If you would like to volunteer for our first responder team please call the church office.