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Would you like to use our building for you next event, party, or activity?  Please fill out the information below so we can learn more about you.  Our campus map is located below to help you identify spaces you would like to request as you plan!

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Please help us identify any audio/visual needs you may have for your event. Failing to identify specific technology needs during the completion of this form may result in those resources being unavailable to you during your event. We require at least 24 hours notice of technology needs so that we can adequately prepare and test those components of proper functionality. Failure to notify us of those needs within that 24 hour period prior to your event may result in those resources being unavailable for your event.

Estimated # of Participants:

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Terms of Use:

Please review our policies and procedures for facility use at Details including information about security deposits, hours of use, facility use guidelines, and insurance requirements can be reviewed there. By clicking "I Accept" you confirm that you understand the beliefs and convictions of Immanuel Baptist Church as outlined on our website. Immanuel Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church and operates under the Baptist Faith and Message (2000). When using our facilities we ask that you respect and cooperate with our statement of faith. Immanuel Baptist Church reserves the right to refuse facilities and services to any individual, group, company or entity that would compromise our ability to live and operate by our convictions. Once your request for facility use is approved a staff member of Immanuel Baptist Church will contact you. If you want/need more information, please call our office at 316-262-1452.